At WeSupplyFixings, we understand the importance of precision in construction and maintenance projects. One key aspect is determining the right amount of resin for your tasks. Proper estimation not only cuts costs by avoiding unnecessary purchases but also plays a significant role in environmental conservation by reducing waste.

Discover Our User-Friendly Resin Calculator Provided by our partners at Rawlplug. 

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We're excited to introduce this easy-to-use Resin Calculator, designed to simplify your projects. This tool, available on our website, allows you to quickly calculate the exact amount of resin needed, without the hassle of complex computations or guesswork.

Why Use Rawlplug’s Resin Calculator?

  • Cost-Effective: Our calculator ensures you purchase just the right amount of resin, eliminating overspending on excess materials.
  • Eco-Friendly: By calculating precise quantities, you minimize resin waste, contributing to environmental conservation.
  • Shelf-Life Consideration: Bonded anchors, unlike mechanical fixings, have an expiration date. Our tool helps you avoid overstocking and potential wastage.

Seamless Calculation Experience

The Resin Calculator is a part of our broader commitment to provide comprehensive support to our customers. It's free to use, requires no registration, and is a testament to our dedication to your convenience and satisfaction.

How to Use the Resin Calculator?

  1. Visit our website and access the calculator.
  2. Choose the fixing and substrate type, resin type, packaging size, and thread diameter.
  3. Input the number of fixings required.
  4. The calculator will automatically determine the amount of resin needed, including considerations for leftover resin based on your input.

Advantages of Using Bonded Anchors

  • High Load Capacity: Bonded anchors distribute resin evenly, reinforcing the substrate and enhancing load-bearing capacity.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for situations where mechanical anchors are unsuitable, bonded anchors are a reliable alternative in various substrate conditions, including flooded or vibratory areas.
  • Precision Placement: Unlike mechanical anchors, bonded anchors allow for closer spacing and deeper anchoring, optimizing both aesthetics and structural integrity.

Embrace Precision and Efficiency with WeSupplyFixings

Our commitment at WeSupplyFixings is to provide you with tools and resources that enhance your work quality and efficiency. The Resin Calculator is a reflection of our dedication to this mission. Visit our website today to explore this innovative tool and streamline your resin usage in future projects.

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